It is not surprising that Korea’s fashion scene has influenced the whole world with its quirky styles and trends. Westerners used to know just a little bit about Korean fashion, as the biggest Asian fashion influencers are the Japanese and the Chinese, but since the explosion of Korean pop, everyone seems to be obsessed with Korean culture now.

This documentary is about the popular culture of Seoul, Korea. It is one of the most innovative cities in Asia and their technology is top notch. We see how fashion is taken very seriously on the catwalks and on the street in this country and how each Korean has their own personal style (from Avant Garde to Punk Rock). It’s a very interesting documentary to watch because it explains a lot about why a lot of people are very fascinated with Korean fashion and KPop. The highlight of this whole documentary is the Koreans’ obsession with plastic surgery to look like Westerners. They get their eyelids operated on to make them look rounder and bigger than what they are naturally born with.

Kpop Seoul VICE documentary

If you weren’t a fan of the Korean fashion scene and KPop before, this VICE documentary just might change your mind OR it might want to make you want to travel to Seoul to go shopping…

Hit play to watch the video above.

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