Lytro: photography of the future

When a new camera comes on the market, we’re all lights, camera, ACTION!

Be it the latest SLR, the newest iPhone App or a new way of shooting Lomo, we’re undoubtedly all on board. From candid catwalk snaps to luxurious editorials, photography fuels fashion.

Now that the novelties of Hipstamatic and Instragram are wearing off, and the vintage vinette of the Diana camera is getting (ironically) old, the industry is on the search for something new.

Consider it found, in the form of the Lytro cam. A techno-revolution, this year’s debut breaks the mould of conventional photography with a no focus, light-field concept.

coco rocha lytro

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Coco Rocha for Lytro
Coco Rocha for Lytro
Coco Rocha for Lytro
Coco Rocha for Lytro
Coco Rocha for Lytro

Not just for fashion-fessionals, the new form of photography might be perfect for you too. If you’re not quite the photo-genie you’d like to be, the Lytro is the answer. Offering ‘maximum magic and minimum hassle’, say goodbye to the days of missing the moment, due to fiddling with dials, digits and depth fields.

Okay, now for the science lesson: instead of focusing before you shoot (as usually you would), the Lytro allows you to shoot first, then alter the focus, by capturing all of the light rays in the camera’s view. Instead of focusing an image on a 2D plane, the Lytro records the color, direction and intensity of light rays, giving you the ability to play around afterwards.

Enough of the science – what is the point? A bit of a modern marvel, it aims to break the concept of point-and-shoot. Using software on your PC, you can change the perspective, alter the point of focus, and even switch from 2D to 3D.

Still don’t get the hype? Let Coco Rocha clarify.

Click once on any of the images to re-focus; click twice to zoom.

Visit for more about the camera.

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