Wondering which magazines you should be buying this month? Well you’ve probably already seen what’s out there in the mainstream market… but what about the lesser-known gems that could be inspiring you, informing you, and blowing you clean away if only you knew they existed? Thankfully our faithful friends and magazine experts at mag nation have stepped in with five recommendations of what to get your hands on right now, and why.

Magnation magazine recommendations for October 2009

Purple Fashion

This twice yearly fashion event has landed and as usual it features a range of long format interviews with fashion and art luminaries like: Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, Alejandro Jodorowski (the guy behind heavily tripped out psychedelic Westerns like El Topo and The Holy Mountain) and… Helmut Newton’s dentist!

There’s a moving eulogy to recently deceased artist, Dash Snow (he’s the guy who covered NY Post headlines in his own semen, non art lovers) and endless pages of naked babes shot by the requisite Terry Richardson as well as photos of Milla Jovovich (naked), Sean Lennon’s girlfriend (naked), Dree Hemingway (granddaughter of Ernest… yep, naked) and a great interview with the legendary, ageing Memphis-based photographer William Eggleston (fortunately, he’s clothed.)

Baby, Baby, Baby

Out of Mexico City, the legality of this magazine elsewhere in the world is probably questionable, but we can’t help but like it despite that. Distributed worldwide for sale in American Apparel stores (and they also appear to be pretty much this title’s lone advertiser) the magazine is chock-a-block with barely legal under-dressed fashion shoots that basically resemble an ad shoot by that aforementioned LA based crusader for immigrant workers rights and spandex bodysuits. Throw into the mix an interview with faux Franco pop group The Teenagers, watercolours, drawings and hand written poems and an interview with musician/performance artist Dandi Wind and you get the idea… this is very much a high-end teenage fanzine with cred. Judged in the top ten at the Colophon Internation Magazine Symposium in Luxembourg this year, hopefully we’ll see more of this one to come.

Love Magazine

Although it’s only up to issue number 2, the release of a new issue of Love Magazine has already become a bit of an event in the mag world. Launched by publishing giant Conde Naste to fill out their portfolio of fashion mags with something a bit edgier than, um, Vogue they’ve recruited a really interesting line-up of staff and contributors for this one. Led by Katie Grand (the former editor of Pop magazine) and employing Pixie Geldof as a staff writer they’re onto something pretty interesting here. The ubiquitous Terry Richardson pops in to photograph Rory Caulkin (Macaulay’s youngest brother) and there are photos by Bruce Weber, an interview by Marc Jacobs with Carrie Fisher’s sixteen year old daughter, a chat with porn star crossover Sasha Grey, the Jonas Brothers (??!) and a collection of beautiful fashion photos of Britain’s best young boxers male, and female.


First things first: people go nuts for Lula. All told, this has been the most popular, searched for and generally anticipated title at mag nation (both in our store and on our website) for about the last month now. Started by two ex-Vogue staffers in the UK, Lula is not your typical fashion mag… It’s altogether more, uh…. dreamier than that. Soft, hazy photos of fashion layouts, interviews that start with questions like “What were you like as a little girl?” and photo retrospectives of forgotten silent film actresses from the 1920s. This current issue features all of the above, plus: an ode to Vogue (US) stylist Grace Coddington, an interview with Miranda July and country legend Emmylou Harris talking about “singing, loving Nashville and taking her dogs on the road.” Get this one while you can…

Fantastic Man

The tenth issue of Dutch men’s style journal, FANTASTIC MAN features none other than Ewan McGregor on the cover and (perhaps not unreasonably for a Scot) in the interview inside, he’s talking about kilts, among other matters sartorial. Gilbert and George give their tips for men’s fashion in 2019 (Q: “What colours will men be wearing in 2009?” A: “Flesh colours”), there are photos by Juergen Teller, a detailed photographic examination of cuts of steak (huge photos of: “the ribeye”, “the fillet”, “the entrecote”, etc.), an interview with Chanel make-up artist Peter Philips and “Swedish scientist and sword swallower” Dr. Hans Rosling. Instructive without being dorky, this is like GQ’s cooler older brother. Only six months until the next issue!

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