Colliding the worlds of fashion and architecture ever so unexpectedly, Noritamy is the Israeli jewelry label that manages to effortlessly soften the lines between modern jewelry and unconventional art, all while sticking close to its own individual path. Beautiful in their clean and minimalistic approach, Noritamy’s sculptured pieces fuse the visions of jeweler Tammar Edelman and trained architect Elinor Avni.

Gifted with graphic fluidity, speaking to the modern woman but comprising the luxury building the classic styles, Noritamy jewelry is based on superb craftsmanship, with every single piece imagined as a total-look. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese culture, Noritamy’s spring 2014 collection entitled OBI-MUSUBI holds onto the minimalistic geometrical lines as they become part of a larger concept. Influenced by the decorative knots of the obi, the newly imagined pieces of jewelry adorned with colorful Swarovski crystals celebrate the Japanese aesthetic in all of its artistry.

We had the pleasure to interview Elinor Avni from Noritamy ( to talk more about OBI-MUSUBI, the Japanese influence, inspiration and timeless jewelry.

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1. What drew you to seek inspiration in the Japanese aesthetic and tradition?

As a former interior architect I always admired and was drawn to the Japanese culture. I have loved everything about it from traditional tea ceremonies, to the modern architecture of Tadao Ando Arata Isuzaki, to the masterpieces of Yohji Yamamoto. Even today – Wabi-sabi is still a great inspiration in our work and we keep a copy of the book in our studio.

We have always designed using very clean, sometimes graphic lines in our collections – we even had an origami based collection a few years ago – so it was a matter of time till we created a collection based on this amazing culture. We always played between rough and refined asking ourselves who decides what is perfection, maybe the combination of a diamond shining from a tarnished brass ring…?

noritamy spring 2014

View the full Noritamy spring 2014 look book here.

2. What’s the story behind the amazing OBI-MUSUBI collection?

Having a little fetish for Japan – as mentioned – Tamy and I love kimonos, so upon exploring the kimono belt (obi) and knots (Musubi) we discovered that there were many ways of tying the bow (for children, adults, upper class, lower class and many characteristics) so we took the diagrams of those knots and created our version of the kimono belt.

3. The Noritamy jewelry are brimming with individuality. How do you envision the woman meant to be wearing them?

A strong, independent woman in the sense that she wants to be stylish and unique and not afraid to dare – a woman will not settle for mainstream! Our jewelry captures our personalities (Tamy’s and mine) and they reflect who we are.

4. In which way you think a unique piece of jewelry can end up influencing a style, an aesthetic, a personality?

We have many high end clients that tell us that Noritamy jewelry changed their way of thinking about a piece of jewelry. We have a different grasp of what it is. An international known curator who was just at our exhibition opening told us that it is sculpture- its an object that can stand on its own in space. Another client told me that when she wears a Noritamy, she instantly feels different – like she wants to change her cloths and shoes and bag to Noritamy. I guess we are doing something right then :)

5. What Noritamy pieces would you suggest for a girl just starting to build her jewelry collection?

Most of our clients know exactly what they want. But I tell younger new clients they have to grow in to it, in the sense that they should  begin with the smaller, “classical” pieces before MOVING on to the more contemporary ones. But once you begin, you always come back (that’s the best feedback I see from my clients that have been with me since the beginning).

noritamy spring 2014

6. What is your favourite thing about designing jewelry?

That we get to re-invent ourselves again and again, 2-3 times a year before each new collection is born. It’s the most exciting period in the studio – the creation, as we constantly design pieces and keep them in the closet for future collections. I think we have enough ideas ’till 2020 but each collection has its time.

7. Why is innovation important when aiming to create timeless pieces of jewelry?

The world is full of designers and full of  information and visuals and influences, it is so important to stick to your brand’s identity. We don’t care about trends, we don’t think about matching the rest, we do our best to create something that we stand 100% behind and that reflects our brand and our personality. If we wouldn’t  wear it – we don’t put it up for sale.

Thanks to Elinor for her time. You can discover more about the Noritamy jewelry by visiting their website.

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