The world is under no illusions about Kate Moss‘ age. There’s no shame in the fact that everybody ages, and supermodels are no exception. If the world hadn’t have watched Kate Moss grow up from a fresh-faced teenager to a successful and sartorially influential woman, Rimmel’s depiction of her in their latest ad campaign might work. But we have seen Kate Moss age. And as such, we know that Photoshop, not makeup, is what’s giving her flawless, unfurrowed, featureless skin.

kate moss photoshop rimmel

While Rimmel’s ad and its retouching job is a good one, they’re not doing themselves any favours by de-aging Moss to such a degree. There’s the image an ad puts forward, and there’s the reality the consumer is aware of: the worst thing a brand can do is have a massive disparity between the two.

kate moss retouching rimmel

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