What are men afraid of, and are those fears born of evolution? Is it time to give up the designer/high street collaborations, and give ‘democratisation of fashion’ a rest? Plus, taking a view of Israel to the world that goes beyond the politics.

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Israel’s fashionable side

A look at Israel beyond the politics: five top bloggers including Bryan Boy, Rumi Neeley, and Fashionising.com’s own Daniel P Dykes, head to Tel Aviv to experience a culture with plenty to offer the fashion world.

Dykes was in Israel along with four other of the most-read style critics in the online fashion community who accepted invitations from Kinetis, an Israeli non-profit educational organization, to tour Israel and learn about Israeli style culture. Joanna Landau, the founder of Kinetis, says she organized the tour to demonstrate Tel Aviv’s wealth of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. (…)

“We want to advance the conversation past politics and conflict, and expand the lens through which the world sees Israel,” said Landau.

Read the full article at the Jerusalem Post.

The case against fashion collaborations

One writer’s opinion on the nature of fast fashion and high street collaborations… and whether it’s time to give them a rest.

These underlying commercial motives are often obscured, however, by a ubiquitous but pernicious phrase: ‘the democratisation of fashion.’ Whoever coined the term is surely the marketing genius of the 21st century. On the face of it, who can argue that ‘the democratisation of fashion’ isn’t a good thing?

I can.

Read it here.

Are spas worth it?

They’re relaxing, and they’re all about you. But the question is, are spas worth it?

Spas, those seductive environments dedicated to narcissism, are a muddle. What they sell is a mish-mash of promises—better health, better looks, an enhanced sense of wellbeing—using at one moment what they describe as all-natural, all-organic products, the next hi-tech, sub-medical procedures.

Read it here.

Diane von Furstenberg, the ’70s icon

A profile of Diane von Furstenberg, the icon, as she was in the glory days of the ’70s.

Her wrap could be worn to the office, tied tight and high, loosened after work to show off one’s poitrine at a discotheque, and—should the need arise—be removed with one quick tug shortly thereafter. It was the dress that did everything, for the woman who aspired to do everything. “I loved the seventies,” von Furstenberg says, her voice crisp and quiet. “It was between the pill and AIDS, and everyone enjoyed an amazing amount of freedom and exploration in so many ways—artistically, emotionally.”

Read it here.

What men are afraid of… and why

Are our fears evolutionary? Or individually learned?

Over the thousands of years of evolution from Cro-Magnon to modern man, these responses have proven as uncontrollable as hunger. And yet over time—especially in the extremely brief period since the onset of modernity and its comforts—this hairtrigger system has become less and less necessary, to the degree that there’s now a massive disconnect between the software we’re born with and the cushy environment we inhabit.

Read it here.

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