Why eBay has become a ‘fast fashion graveyard’, especially in the realm of limited edition designer collaborations; the rise of the ironic hipster, and how to live without irony; and tips for men on dressing for the holiday season.

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Suits in Search of Holiday Cheer

Dressing for the holiday season, for men, is all about walking the line between corporate and creative. The NY Times has some answers.

The “festive” predicament is familiar even to those in the fashion business, where outré clothing is celebrated more on mannequins than on management. But while designers don’t always have the most practical concerns in mind (they’re artists, O.K.?), it turns out that men’s fashion is chockablock with stylish answers.

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eBay’s ‘Fast Fashion Graveyard’

How designer/store collaborations have wisened up to the practice of selling limited edition goods on eBay.

But now, people have stopped buying the clothes, leaving eBay with a “graveyard” of unsold merchandise…

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Slobs in Perfect T-Shirts

The Victoria and Albert Museum’s “Hollywood Costume” exhibition puts the art of Hollywood costume design on display. But it also, for one author, raises some questions about authenticity.

Watch almost any contemporary Hollywood film and you’ll soon notice that everyone’s clothes are, by some strange co-incidence, brand new… Even a character who’s meant to be a slob will be a slob who has spent time sourcing the perfect, limited-edition T-shirt.

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How to live without irony

An exploration of the rise of the ironic hipster.

How did this happen? It stems in part from the belief that this generation has little to offer in terms of culture, that everything has already been done, or that serious commitment to any belief will eventually be subsumed by an opposing belief, rendering the first laughable at best and contemptible at worst.

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The return of French tailoring

Why some high fliers are getting their suits made in France, instead of the UK or Italy.

The French tailoring sector differs markedly, if subtly, from that of the UK. For one thing, there is no equivalent Paris street to London’s Savile Row: tailors are scattered all around the city.

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