Either people haven’t read The Great Gatsby, don’t get it, or just don’t care: the contradictory nature of all those opulent themed Gatsby parties being thrown right now. Plus, Audrey Hepburn’s much admired street style, and – post Met Gala – the question of punk-as-fashion.

After the break, your round-up of things to see, do, read (and maybe even drink) this weekend.

culture roundup 10 May

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Audrey Hepburn street style.

Ok so the title of this gorgeous gallery of Audrey Hepburn photos is a little misleading: this isn’t exactly street style as we now know it. But it does make you wonder about how much of a street style star Audrey would be if she were flitting between fashion shows today.

Jeff Bridges is multi-talented.

You know those Oscar-winning actors who are also talented photographers? Well I can’t think of many, but in any case Jeff Bridges is one of them. Bridges has been documenting every movie he’s worked on since 1984, and he’s actually pretty good.

A breathtaking time-lapse compilation.

Northern lights, meteor showers, nebulae, planets and stars… A year’s worth of shooting in Northern Michigan makes for one of those time-lapse compilations backed by meditation music so relaxing you’re not sure what you want to do more: travel to Lake Michigan, or fall asleep in a state of mesmerised relaxation. Maybe both.


The Great Gatsby: is everyone missing the point?

Anyone who has actually read the book knows the whole point of The Great Gatsby is that it’s a criticism of the lavish excesses of the roaring ’20s. That doesn’t stop us from throwing Gatsby themed parties and revelling in our own imitations of the opulence Fitzgerald so abhorred though, does it? The irony of the whole thing has this article questioning of the book, has anyone actually read it? It likens said Gatsby events to “throwing a Lolita-themed children’s birthday party”. Valid points, but does getting the meaning of the book and still throwing the party anyway make it kind of ok?

Would you buy your diamond ring from Costco?

Costco are being sued for selling diamond engagement rings called “Tiffany” rings (you can easily guess who’s doing the suing). Some of Costco’s rings nudge the $40,000 mark, but while they’re not exactly cheap, are they better value? A look at Tiffany vs Costco.

Punk fashion is not necessarily punk.

Punk and high fashion have always had a relationship, but that doesn’t mean the new Met exhibition – PUNK: Chaos to Couture – will answer your lingering questions about the subculture’s inception, it’s philosophies, or indeed what punk actually is. But we suppose it’s not really meant to. As for how punk fits with fashion right now, you need only look at the outfits from the Met Gala to get an idea.


Punk at the Met Museum

While it may not answer your deepest questions about the punk movement, you can none the less experience the 100+ exhibited designs – spanning from the 1970s to today – in person by visiting The Metropolitan Museum’s just opened PUNK: Chaos to Couture. The exhibit runs until August 14, 2013.


F. Scott Fitzgerald’s favourite drink, updated.

Speaking of Gatsby (because you can hardly ignore it right now), we’re told that Fitzgerald’s favourite drink was The Rickey. This updated version comes courtesy of mixologist Kyle Ford:
The Cointreau Rickey
2 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. fresh lime juice
Club Soda
Garnish: Lime wedge
Combine Cointreau and lime juice in a highball glass and top with Club Soda. Stir briefly. Serve poolside at your opulent Gatsby party while continuing to ignore the book’s original message. Let’s face it, happy endings are far more fun.

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