You can never have too many internet-based distractions, whether it’s some amusing video, informative infographic, or new online store to browse. Of course, it always helps for someone to point out the good bits. As well as those things to check out, read and do online, our weekly cultural round-up also offers up some things to do in person – like check out the new Dior cafe, or sit down to a screening of an old Jean-Luc Godard film.

And so, from the real world to the online one, here’s our round-up of things to see, do, read and check out this weekend.

see do read check out

Check out.

McDonalds, when fries came with peanut butter

If only McDonald’s were still serving a large glass of root beer for 10 cents, or (our favourite) “Peanut Butter and Jelly with French Fries”. These early menus are entertaining to read, not to mention historically significant. This is where fast food began. P.s. get us some peanut butter, we’re totally going to try that one.

Words you need – that don’t exist in English

What’s the English word for the hesitation that happens when you go to introduce someone and you can’t remember their name? Oh wait – there isn’t one. Luckily, the Scots have one worth stealing (to ‘tartle’). Commit to memory these 14 wonderful words with no English equivalent.

What American buys

An infographic about what American buys. You may be surprised at how American’s spending habits have changed over time: as a percentage, apparel has become a smaller number since 1949.

To snooze, or not to snooze

And now for the news no-one wanted to hear: hitting the snooze button is bad for you. We could have guessed that given the fact that it’s pleasurable to do it. That said, it’s worth knowing why snooze fails and how to combat tiredness. Check out this video about the science of snoozing.


CNCPT by Cruise menswear store

Launched last week at a trendy Shoreditch shindig fuelled by free beer and a collective love of menswear, CNCPT by Cruise is a curation of men’s goods that takes in everything from Balmain to Billionaire Boys Club. You don’t have to be in the UK to take advantage: they ship worldwide. Visit


London: Dior Cafe

There’s a full month of all things DIOR at Harrods, starting now until April 14th. And sure there’s the window displays and the exhibition, but you know what everyone wants are the cupcakes. With a menu that takes inspiration from Monsieur Dior’s recipe book, Café Dior is now open at The Georgian Restaurant on Harrods’ Fourth Floor. More details at Harrods.

Melbourne: Jean-Luc Godard at Cinémathique

In March and April, ACMI in Melbourne pays homage to visionary French film director Jean-Luc Godard. Check out the gorgeous Anna Karina in Alphaville for some 60s styling inspiration.

London: Designs Of The Year Awards 2013

‘The Oscars of the design world’ as it’s sometimes known, the 2013 Designs Of The Year Awards have announced their shortlist of nominees. In the fashion category you’ll find names like Prada and Giles Deacon, whilst Marni’s unique 100 Chairs project (pictured, where all chairs are made in Colombia by ex-prisoners) features in the furniture category. Check out the exhibition now until April 17 at the Design Museum, London.


Secrets of magic, revealed

An entertaining read from the New Yorker’s daily humour column: one unofficial magician’s explanations of how magic works. Read it here.

Why we all hate spoilers

…and a fitting follow on from that, why it’s so infuriating when someone tells you what happens in the last episode of that TV series you’ve just invested a whole season of your time and emotion into. At least you know there’s a scientific explanation for why you want to punch them.

Babies: the latest fashion accessory

The Guardian questions whether babies are the latest living fashion accessory. Givenchy would have us believe so.

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