From the pretty to the absolutely perfect, the little square photos that came to define Instagram are no longer the fun, quirky snaps you took in a hurry for the sake of memories. A lot of thought, a lot of creativity and an entire process of trial and error usually accompanies that gorgeous picture you can’t help but heart.

Even the “casual” outfit photo everybody does, hides a little bit more energy and consideration than you’d initially think, because as all great things, they don’t happen by chance.

These days, Instagram is all about the effort behind the effortless-looking pictures, so whether you’re regularly snapping your #OOTD, or just curious to find out how to make your outfit photos better there, continue to read below.

After the break, 9 tricks for taking amazing outfit photos on Instagram. And for more on posing, check out this guide on how to look good in photos.

Great light is everything.

That great light is everything is no well-guarded secret, but you’d be surprised of the difference it makes even when you’re snapping a quick OOTD with your phone.

Seek the best light early in the morning or right before sunset, in bright, open spaces and near windows, making sure the sun doesn’t hit you right in the eyes:

Photo: Chiara Ferragni Instagram.

how to take bette rootd photos on instagram

Know your angles.

You want to look good in a picture, you have to know your angles. Want your outfit photo to stand out among the rest, you got to work your angles. From the way your hands bend to the way your feet are positioned, no detail is to little when the aim is a glorious OOTD snap:

Photo: lateafternoon Instagram.

how to take better ootd photos on instagram

Add movement to your photos.

Adding movement to a picture is like breathing life into it, and people love that. Either with your body, or with the clothes you’re wearing, do create some movement next time you’re photographing your OOTD, we bet you’ll adore the results:

Photo: Fake Leather Instagram.

how to take better ootd photos on instagram

Make use of colour, prints & unusual shapes.

Light and angles aside, when we’re talking outfit photos, we’re talking clothes, the cooler and brighter and more whimsical the better. If the aim of your OOTD’s is to inspire others with your flawless personal style, do dare play with prints, colour and unusual silhouettes:

Photo: Song of Style Instagram.

how to take better ootd photos on instagram

Switch up the backgrounds.

Sometimes, snapping an OOTD can be a heat of the moment thing, which can easily make you ignore the backdrop completely. Or, quite the opposite, you might have a favorite wall where you take ALL your outfits photos. No matter the case, remember to switch up the backgrounds, seeking those that will make your outfit pop:

Photo: Sincerely Jules Instagram.

how to take better ootd photos on instagram

Use real-life settings as backdrop.

While it’s true that when liking an OOTD people tend to pay more attention to the clothes you’re wearing, they’re also heavily influenced by your backdrop of choice.

So do use real-life settings when you’re taking outfit photos, and allow your followers an extra peek into your life by taking them along on your journeys:

Photo: Chriselle Lim Instagram.

how to take better ootd photos on instagram

Use props.

Whether it’s a coconut, a bouquet of flowers or a colourful bike, do play with props when snapping your OOTD’s, and allow them to become part of the story your outfit tells, especially if the props work in complementing and enhancing your look:

Photo: Doina Ciobanu Instagram.

how to take better ootd photos on instagram

Don’t look straight into the camera.

The fact that you’re taking an outfit photo doesn’t mean you have to do it standing straight, still and facing the camera. From looking over the shoulder to looking down or staring into the horizon, do flirt with the camera to create the perfect mood to accompany your outfit:

Photo: Kenzas Instagram.

how to take better ootd photos on instagram

Snap your #ootd from the back.

For an extra dose of mystery, and to leave people longing for more of your outfit posts, do snap your OOTD from the back every once in a while, particularly if the clothes you’re wearing hide beautiful details, or create gorgeous movement:

Photo: Happily Grey Instagram.

how to take better ootd photos on instagram

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