There’s a book out there for everything. Ever find yourself wondering how to survive a robot uprising, how to outwit a squirrel, how to start your own country, or how to preserve an octopus in clear plastic? What about what to do if you’re being eaten by a bear (assumedly slowly enough that you have time to read up on it), how to teach physics to your dog, or how to avoid huge ships? Clearly huge ships must be more of a hazard that most of us realise, with that last title being SOLD OUT of the Abe Books weird book room.

Nowadays the internet houses the answer to most anything and everything, so odds are you don’t need a book on how to make craft items with your pantyhose or how to create an ’80s metal hairstyle, but that’s not really the point. It’s really just pure amusement that some of the titles in the weird book room were ever deemed necessary in the first place.

weird books

Well worth looking through for pure entertainment value, you can find the weird book at the link above, with a second lot here.

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