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Who’ll be wearing your designs at RAFW?

Small riff from a friend: How many upcoming fashion labels have asked someone to wear their threads at Australian Fashion Week? Irrespective of who they are, if they’re in the front row or a sneezer (someone who’s going to drop the designer’s / label’s name) then what do you really have to lose?

Tips on being a successful designer

Want to be a successful fashion designer? Well obviously it’s going to take a lot of hard work, and a heck of a lot of talent. If you’re after a little inspiration for your week, why not look to another creative industry for an insight on what they do and how you can apply it to fashion design. 1. Work quickly. Produce a lot. 2.…

Getting Your Clothing Designs Into Stores

There are many a great designers out there who will never become a known name simply because they never managed to get stocked in stores. The Indie Clothing Blog comes to the rescue with an excellent look at how to solve the problem and get your clothing stocked in stores.

No Free Swag from Sir Paul Smith

Developed a name for yourself and want to get some free swag? Well you can cross Sir Paul Smith and his lines off your list – he has a policy to never give out freebies. “We’ve been dressing musicians and celebrities for many years, but they always buy the clothes; we don’t give clothes away. That’s our policy. Not because of meanness, but because it…

Fashion Hoax – Clever Ways To Get Publicity

When “Nicolae and Elisabeta Petrescu” – an odd pair supposedly from Romania – went cruising around New York Fashion Week with their fluffy cat Leo and rose-petal throwing cohorts, there were plenty of curious whispers rippling through both the real and online worlds. The hoax has now been revealed, and what a clever way to spin publicity without splashing the cash.

How To Get Publicity as a Fashion Designer published an article the other day which might be of interest to Rogue’s fashion designers and labels – it was in response to a question about how to get publicity in the fashion business: “The competition to get press coverage in top tier magazines like Vogue, W and InStyle is incredibly fierce. Not only that, they tend to work with designers who have a…