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Pirelli Calendar 2016 features female icons, not models. Reddit thread calls them “old and disgusting”.

The 2016 Pirelli Calendar smashes free of the usual pin-up cliches. Women admired for more than their bikini bodies - including icons Patti Smith, Serena Williams, Yoko Ono and Amy Schumer - are amoung this year's pages, but not everyone is cheering the move. The Reddit community have called the woman "old and disgusting". Read on for more.

Watch: Magdalena Frackowiak shut down a reporter for lame food question

When a TMZ journalist backstage at the Victoria’s Secret 2015 show asked the rather uninspired question about what food the girls were most excited to eat once the show ended, not all were forthcoming in their response. Polish beauty and Victoria’s Secret regular Magdalena Frackowiak slammed back at the reporter for asking dumb questions and making her look stupid. “It seems like I am starving…

Why this girl’s radical denouncement of social media truly matters

Essena O’Neill is telling it like it is. You’ve probably seen it by now: her radical denouncement of social media, itself gone more viral than she could have imagined. O’Neill had social media success: half a million Instagram followers, 200,000 YouTube subscribers, modelling contracts and product sponsorships. And then just days ago she publicly quit, saying that social media had “consumed” her. O’Neill deleted thousands…

Raf Simmons is leaving Dior

It seems like only yesterday that Belgian designer Raf Simmons stepped up to replace a disgraced John Galliano at the helm of Christian Dior. But three years later, having taken the Dior house in a fresh, widely-applauded direction, it’s just been announced that Simmons will step down as the brand’s creative director. Reportedly the Dior spring/summer 2016 collection was his last, with the brand’s statement…

Gigi Hadid got criticised for her body. Here’s her response, and it’s awesome.

If you’ve been keeping up with our fashion week coverage, you’d have noticed the wide eyes, pouty lips, and curvaceous body of Gigi Hadid gracing numerous runways. But if you’ve noticed that Hadid’s figure isn’t quite as slim and straight as the other models, you’re not the only one: Hadid has been racking up plenty of criticism on her Instagram account for her curvy shape.…

Size is irrelevant: curvy Candice Huffine strips down for CR Fashion Book

As one of the most prominent names on the fashion industry list of top curvy models, American beauty Candice Huffine isn’t afraid to bear her sex appeal to the world. CR Fashion Book tapped her for a shoot in the latest issue, juxtaposing Huffine with the more slight (and more demurely dressed) Kitty Hayes. The shoot’s title? One Size Fits All.

Fine art meets modern day makeup in a stunning campaign

With each image resembling a fine art portrait, it’s easy to write off this campaign by Aveda cosmetics as being beautiful but far too complicated to serve as beauty inspiration for the present day. But then you look closer and you realise the makeup itself is actually very wearable. A dusting of gold metallic eyeshadow or bare eyes with a red lip, a flawless face…
Aveda "Sublime Spirit" fall '15 campaign
Aveda "Sublime Spirit" fall '15 campaign
Aveda "Sublime Spirit" fall '15 campaign
Aveda "Sublime Spirit" fall '15 campaign
Aveda "Sublime Spirit" fall '15 campaign
Aveda "Sublime Spirit" fall '15 campaign
Aveda "Sublime Spirit" fall '15 campaign
Aveda "Sublime Spirit" fall '15 campaign

6 times supermodels made headlines with scandalous behavior

Style icons, muses, it-girls, they’re all that for sure, but at the same there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to your favorite supermodels. When the curtain falls, when the spotlights fade and the glamour vanishes, the women known to have it all are equally predisposed to erratic behaviors, to scandalous acts, to slip-ups and mistakes. Stories like the one reporting that Kate…