A fashion house that doesn’t need an introduction, neither does it require a background check. Its six characters are ample to prove the brand’s credibility. It might also make a woman weak in her knees, but that’s another story.

Chanel: an embodiment of glamour, French sophistication, poise and a wardrobe’s pride.

And it all started on 31 Rue Cambon in Paris – Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s Paris apartment.

For the lady, it wasn’t just about the little black dress, the perfume or the trademark pearls, but it was in the lifestyle. The curtains in the lounge, the glassware on the dining table and the towels on the bathroom rack. Chanel soon became less about the tweed suit hanging in the closet and more about living the life: the Chanel life.

coco chanel paris apartment

Located strategically above the Chanel boutique, Mademoiselle Coco’s flat screamed pure indulgence. Considering she permanently lived in Ritz Paris, this apartment was solely a getaway for her and her guests. More like a distraction with a waft of a custom-made Chanel No. 5 room freshener, of course.

She injected luxury in the alphabet letter ‘C’, while also acquainting her living room with its opulence. A chandelier made from semi-precious stones with intertwined double-C logo hidden all through it, mounted above suede sofas from where Coco did all her media interviews.

The interiors draw influence from oriental handicrafts, Victorian wealth and Russian colours. Running along the royal theme, the colours are as rich as they can get, with splatters of gold, maroon, cream and midnight black. We see the infamous mirrored spiral staircase, from where Coco secretly watched all her fashion shows to witness the audience’s raw reactions.

Quilted pillows, walls disguised with giant mirrors and jewel-entrusted furniture: this is what you call a ‘Chanel’ life.

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