Problem: too many great fashion magazines at your local newsstand (we hope).

Solution: buy them.

Associated Problem: too many great magazines in your home.

Solution: recycle them turn them into a functional conversation piece for your home: a magazine seat.

magazine seat

Or, as its creators at Njustudio, dub it: a Hockenheimer Sitzhocker. That’s a Hockenheimer Stool for those of us whose lingual skills don’t include Deutsch.

What we read as a daily, monthly or quarterly magazines no longer needs to be stored on dusty shelves or even recycled. There is another way: collecting, stacking, and then sitting down!

The Hockenheim magazine stool makes this possible: a clever storage system for newspapers and magazines, each stool frame is made from the finest birchwood in a youth workshop near Coburg, Germany. Lovingly hand crafted, waxed and brushed, each pillow is also handmade and unique.

Begging to hold your magazine collection, the Hockenheimer magazine seat is available from Selekkt for 129 Euros.

magazine stool

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