South African fashioners, I envy you this. While searching for just the right furniture to give the office an overhaul for 2011, I came across pieces which blend our desire for old-world cool with our ever-escalating passion to travel. Designer Katie Thompson takes disused pieces from yesteryear, and gives them new function perfect for a home or office whose interior feel is a mix of vintage and modern chic. In particular, it’s her conversion of vintage suitcases, ranging from metallic to bakelite constructions, into functional seats that has caught my eye and would look at home amongst the other vintage furnishings I’ve collected in recent years.

luggage chair

vintage luggage furniture

luggage chair

While it’s Katie’s luggage furniture that has caught my eye, she does the same for lighting, and home and fashion accessories.

tripod light

whisky table

Visit Katie’s site at Recreate.

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