For the women who long for the uncommon and exquisite, what could appear as a simple yet thoughtful candle wrapped gift might easily translate to both a delicate invitation to indulge in fine aromas, as well as an expressive and luxurious home decor compliment. In order to achieve that ultimate astonishing effect, a remarkable scented present must blend exclusive notes with an equally stunning and individual design, able to perfectly complement her unique personality.

No matter how small, a gift touched by luxury is an elegant way of letting a special woman in your life know that she matters. After all, Christmas is all about little treasures and delicate gestures that speak straight from the heart, and less about signs of opulence and extravagance. There’s a certain timeless quality that lies in simplicity, and its beauty can hardly be matched by anything else in the world.

After the break we take you through our top 5 picks for luxury candles as part of this year’s Christmas gift guide.

luxury candles

Fornasetti – Flora Small Scented Candle

Form the highly acclaimed atelier set in Italy comes Flora, a newly introduced home scent, embracing an elegant white floral bouquet, inspired by the flowers that flourish in the Fornasetti family garden in Milan. Featuring a beautiful candle porcelain container with Lina Cavalieri in the guise of Flora, this unique luxury candle makes for a long-lasting luxe gift.

fornasetti luxury candle
Fornasetti Flora Small Scented Candle

D.L. & Co. – Le Grande Candle

Lightly sweet, yet utterly seductive, the Amber candle mixes the gentle notes of Tobacco Flower, Sandalwood and Redwood Bark, with the ravishing scents of Vanilla and Patchouli leaf. Inspiring tranquility and featuring a feminine package that could easily pass for a wonderful little deco feature, this candle promises hours of pure delight.

DL co grand candle
D.L. & Co. Le Grande Candle

Diptyque – Pomander Candle

Able to highly represent a fresh take on the traditional Holiday scents, Diptyque’s Pomader candle brings along a full spectrum of lush orange peels, peppery cloves and fresh cinnamon notes, topped by the spicy-sweet Pomander fragrance. Ready to offer an unparalleled perfumed experience, this little luxury treat is refined, memorable and enchanting.

diptyque pomader candle
Diptyque Pomander Candle

Byredo – Loveless Candle

Byredo’s Loveless fragranced candle reads delicate notes of adoxal, mandarin, petitgrain, wild tuberose, papyrus and black cedarwood. Featuring a totally unique character, powerful enough to infuse the home atmosphere with a series of striking scents, this exquisite luxury brand candle, although Swedish, evokes the best of the unmistakable French tradition.

byredo luxury candle

Byredo Loveless Candle

Heeley Parfums – Iris de Nuit Candle

Based entirely on the mystical, sensual and delicate iris fragrance, this luxury candle manages to capture the essence of this rare and almost unachievable scent. Gently blending the delicate perfume with notes of wood and Tuscan cypress, Iris de Nuit is a laid back fragrance made possible by a specific process adjusted according to the individual scent.

iris de nuit candle

Heeley Parfums Iris de Nuit Candle

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