Books for fashion lovers.

When it comes to choosing a Christmas gift, books have their obvious advantages. They’re neatly shaped and therefore not likely to turn into hulking monstrosities of wrapping paper and sticky tape. They’re also ‘one size fits all’ – so, unlike clothing and accessories, there’s no umming and ahing at the counter about whether to pick the small, medium, or large. And finally, they’re a treat people rarely indulge in of their own accord.

So as part of our Christmas gift guide for 2012, here are 7 ideas for fashion-related books and publications that would make the right kind of neatly-wrapped gift.

fashion books christmas gift

carine roitfeld irreverent

Carine Roitfeld – Irreverent
After her departure from Vogue Paris, the fashion world’s breath was bated in anticipation of what Carine Roitfeld would do next. Among other things she released a book that visually documents her career and embodies one of her most oft-used words: irreverent.
Get it for: fashion lovers. Full stop.
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rick owens book

Rick Owens
Luxuriously printed in large format, this is another for the coffee table. Chronicling the career of the titular American designer, Rick Owens includes contributions from Francesco Bonami, Olivier Zahm and Maria Luisa Frisa.
Get it for: those for whom edgy, innovative fashion is master; disciples of the Rick Owens brand.
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helmut newton polaroids

Helmut Newton Polaroids
A rare glimpse into the workings of famed fashion photographer Hemut Newton, Polaroids is a collection of test shots made all the more visually charming because they are just that: polaroids. For a preview of inside the Helmut Newton Polaroids book follow that link.
Get it for: photographers, budding photographers, and anyone for whom sensuality is an art.
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vogue magazine covers

Vogue: The Covers
In 120 years of magazine production, Vogue has turned out a lot of covers. A lot. This book acts as a visual bible of Vogue covers across the years.
Get it for: those who adore the vintage side of fashion, or who will be fascinated by the changing face of a publication over time.
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preppy style book

Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style
A look at the evolution of preppy fashion – and how to cultivate an Ivy League look for one’s sartorial self.
Get it for: those who can’t live without their crested ties and blazers, but to whom the origins and finer details of Preppy fashion are still a mystery.
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harpers bazaar covers

Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits
With another fashion magazine best-of compilation, Harper’s Bazaar brings the advantage of being America’s longest running fashion magazine. That makes this not just a visual feast but one that takes you through the eras.
Get it for: anyone, male or female, who likes to treat their eyes to beautiful fashion photography and polished on-trend fashion.
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collection magazine subscription

If you’re going to give a magazine subscription as a Christmas gift, Collection Magazine is the print publication of choice. As the name suggests, it’s not only worth reading it’s also collectible – with pages you can pull out and hang on your wall.
Get it for: those who are excited by quality, quirkiness and great design.
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