6 fashion books to gift this Christmas

Impossible to put down, informative but never boring, eye-catching and always inspiring, fashionable books make for delightful Christmas gifts – especially for those passionate readers that live and breath fashion. Indulging in a sensual visual experience and engaging in the iconic work of some of the most influential photographers of the past decades, come as a must when the book carries a personality of its own and an untamed content. It’s like gifting away little bits of fashion history, beautifully wrapped and devastatingly captivating.

Our 2012 Christmas gift guide introduces you to six of the most absorbing fashion titles that use legendary images to tell unforgettable stories.

Fashion book gifts

Madeleine Vionnet

Madeleine Vionnet’s fascinating life and iconic work are perfectly captured in over 400 photographs and sketches, documenting her revolutionary designs that completely changed the history of fashion. A wonderful tribute paid to the “architect among dressmakers”. Get it at: Amazon.com.

madeline vionett book

Diego Uchitel – Polaroids

In plain digital era, Diego Uchitel takes a step back in time only to tell a nostalgic story through an intimate collection of dreamlike Polaroids. It’s a story about integrity that can not be retouched, and about unique, unalterable moments. A must for the passionate photographers. Get it at: Amazon.com.

Diego Uchitel - Polaroids book

Steven Klein

Utterly famous due to its complex code of imperfect aesthetics, Steven Klein’s photography carries a strong sense of dark glamour. Its toxic reality collides with beautiful people and impossible backdrops, only to recreate a magnificent new dimension. Get it at: Amazon.com.

steven klein book

Denis Piel – Moments

Filled with sensual moments that evoke a sense of pure, undisguised magic, captured with its signature cinematic approach, Denis Piel’s first monography speaks gently in terms of femininity. Spanning all throughout Piel’s career, the volume is a commemoration of his work of art. Get it at: Amazon.com.

denis piel moments book

La Perla: Lingerie and Desire

Speaking in high-terms of Italian luxury, Isabella Cardinali’s seductive book is dedicated exclusively to the brand that made history with its provocative, beautiful and romantic undergarments. Ideal for a ravishing ingression in the fantastical world of high-end lingerie. Get it at: Amazon.com.

la perla book

50 Shades

Inspiring you to never leave the house without a pair of sunglasses, the illustrative 120-page coffee table book by Lauren Goldstein Crowe is cool without trying to hard. Including iconic photos of stars wearing their memorable shades, the book is a fashion statement all on its own. Get it at: Reel Art press.com

50 shades book

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