Bringing back a little glimpse of the captivating past, and managing to blend old-fashion elegance with modern day technology, the 1920s vintage iPhone gramophone would definitely make for a unique and impressive Christmas gift. When sculpture meets sound, the resulting product makes for both a sumptuous yet quirky decoration, as well as for an absorbing sound experience able to give notes an entirely new meaning.

Capable of infusing a timeless refinement into a room and perfectly fit for a cozy corner, the fashionable accessory is responsible for setting the ideal background soundtrack that’s enjoyable without becoming overpowering. Its unconventional character and imposing craftsmanship quickly turned the iPhone gramophone into an iconic combination that continues to delight the creative strings of sound enthusiasts. Suitable for all iPhone models and working without requiring power cables or batteries, Restoration Hardware’s outstanding product merges functionality with a clean design and an entirely new concept inspired by the vintage speaker horn.

Amplifying sound with a pure and powerful technique, the iPhone gramophone evokes a certain period in time that’s still of relevance when it comes to bright, undistressed and gentle sounds. Seeking a constantly soothing atmosphere could turn out to be the easiest way to regain calmness after a long, stressful day, that’s why capturing that ideal state of mind is priceless. If you want to gift away emotions and not objects, the iconic Iphone gramophone will deliver just that.

And if Restoration Hardware ( hasn’t gotten you convinced yet, various Etsy sellers offer custom and one-off iPhone gramophones made from reclaimed and antique parts (try ReAcoustic for an excellent range). With all that history lying in every single piece you are able to make your gift all that more special, all that more exquisite. Indulge in the acoustic experience of a lifetime.

vintage iphone gramophones
Re-purposed vintage gramophones by ReAcoustic

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