men's fashionable flying
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Over the course of 2011,’s editorial team flew over 253,000 kilometres. Frequent flyer points rejoice. Yet little about modern flying, save for the final destination, can be described as pleasurable. From the need to strip-off just to get through security to the fact that most of the world’s airports are just plain awful, air travel has long lost its luxury factor. That doesn’t mean it can’t be regained by the individual, irrespective of the class of travel. Across all those kilometres we learned a thing or to about travelling in comfort while reclining at 30,000 feet. What follows are a few nuggets on how our male staff take to the skies. We’ll follow up with a feature for women shortly.

  1. The perfect carry-on bags
  2. Clothes to wear
  3. A cardigan can
  4. Shoes to wear
  5. The dopp kit
  6. Beating turbulence
  7. Supplies to carry in-flight
  8. Apps for travel
  9. Beat jet lag