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8 awesome colour combinations: inspiration boards

Knowing which colours work together gets you part the way to knowing how to style everything from creative outfits to visually stunning home interiors. And sometimes the best colour combinations are the most unexpected. From bright turquoise and sunflower yellow, to oxford blue and emerald green, here are 8 awesome colour combinations to try along with mood boards to inspire you on indulging in each of them. See them all after the break.

5 of the best luxury candles to gift this Christmas

For the women who long for the uncommon and exquisite, what could appear as a simple yet thoughtful candle wrapped gift might easily translate to both a delicate invitation to indulge in fine aromas, as well as an expressive and luxurious home decor compliment. In order to achieve that ultimate astonishing effect, a remarkable scented present must blend exclusive notes with an equally stunning and…

6 fashion books to gift this Christmas

Impossible to put down, informative but never boring, eye-catching and always inspiring, fashionable books make for delightful Christmas gifts – especially for those passionate readers that live and breath fashion. Indulging in a sensual visual experience and engaging in the iconic work of some of the most influential photographers of the past decades, come as a must when the book carries a personality of its…

Burn notice: 6 luxury candles for your bachelor pad

Are any of your rooms feeling a little sad and smelling kinda stale? Trying lighting up a candle to brighten things up. They’re an inexpensive and effective way to add warmth and a sophisticated ambience to any living space – a sure fire way to impress any visitor. Rather than the cloyingly perfumed ones you’ll find a packet of six, well made candles provide a…

Polaboy: giant polaroids for your wall

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the catchiest. A giant polaroid for your wall, backlit? That’s one of them. Polaboy takes the simple magic of a polaroid and blows it up 10:1, with a wooden frame and LED backlighting. We haven’t seen one in person but, now that we know about them, our office walls seem to be imploring for one. Perhaps we’ll oblige.

Holly Golightly’s house up for sale

Having breakfast at the window of a Tiffany’s is a fairly easy feat, provided you can get your hands on a good takeaway coffee and a freshly-baked pastry. But having breakfast at Holly Golightly’s house is another matter entirely. Unless of course you’re in the market for a new $5,850,000 home. The brownstone building at 169 E. 71st Street New York isn’t just another home:…

Books for fashion lovers: 7 Christmas gift ideas

When it comes to choosing a Christmas gift, books have their obvious advantages. They’re neatly shaped, they're one size fits all, and they’re a treat people rarely indulge in of their own accord. So as part of our Christmas gift guide for 2012, here are 7 ideas for fashion-related books and publications that would make the right kind of neatly-wrapped gift.

Karl Lagerfeld for Christmas

Looking for the small something to stuff a stocking? Then Karl Lagerfeld might take your fancy. While we’re certain he’d like the love, it’s not the designer himself that we’re suggesting you stuff beside a fireplace. Nor can we offer up any of the design talent that has given Lagerfeld a career spanning quite so many decades. Rather it’s a snow globe that caught our…