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How to restock your bar this weekend for under $150

The fact that a gentleman – one who enjoys entertaining just as much as he enjoys savoring a good drink at home – sees a properly stocked bar as an absolute must will come as no surprise. Never underestimating the power of a well-mixed drink, he will know just how to impress his friends and how to fully energize a fun gathering at his place.…

See, do, read, check out: a Fashioniser’s guide to the weekend

Either people haven’t read The Great Gatsby, don’t get it, or just don’t care: the contradictory nature of all those opulent themed Gatsby parties being thrown right now. Plus, Audrey Hepburn’s much admired street style, and – post Met Gala – the question of punk-as-fashion. After the break, your round-up of things to see, do, read (and maybe even drink) this weekend.

See, do, read, check out: whimsy and weight

From cats in your coffee to the colour of models on your catwalk, we’re closing the week with issues of whimsy and weight. In between those two polar opposites is your chance to see the not-so-1920s fashion of Prada’s work for The Great Gatsby along with scientific proof that I am now more masculine. Read on for a fashionisers’ guide to the weekend ahead.

What we’re listening to this week: designer drugs & getting lucky

It’s been an eclectic week for us, with’s office temporarily moved beach side in Gran Canaria. Thus as we moved from London to Spain, our musical tastes moved too. I’m not one for listening to music as I lie back on a beach towel, but when I did this week it was a case of cinematic-inspired music meeting fashion inspired music, with a lot…

Emily Ratajkowski furthers the beat (video)

It’s the most safe-for-work version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” that you’re likely to see; i.e. it’s made up of more than just the perfect curves of Emily Ratajkowski cavorting about naked. Or is it? Is that really the new Beats Pill (an odd name for wireless speakers if ever there was one) or is it a sex toy?

8 gorgeous vintage travel posters: Roger Broders

Roger Broders had a pretty good job, one imagines; paid by the Paris Lyon Mediteranée rail company to travel from the glamorous resorts of the French Riviera to the ski resorts of the Alps, painting the landscapes and holiday-goers into vibrant travel posters. The Parisian-born illustrator captured the luxury and excitement of travel as we imagine it between the 1920s and ’30s. Now some of…