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See, do, read, check out: this week’s cultural roundup

Who was the song Umbrella originally intended for? What happens when you retouch classical paintings to meet modern standards of beauty? Would you pay someone to kidnap you for fun? In case you happened to be wondering about any of the above questions, or even if you weren’t, the internet is here to answer them. Plus, places to go and things to see this weekend.…

5 of the best luxury candles to gift this Christmas

For the women who long for the uncommon and exquisite, what could appear as a simple yet thoughtful candle wrapped gift might easily translate to both a delicate invitation to indulge in fine aromas, as well as an expressive and luxurious home decor compliment. In order to achieve that ultimate astonishing effect, a remarkable scented present must blend exclusive notes with an equally stunning and…

6 fashion books to gift this Christmas

Impossible to put down, informative but never boring, eye-catching and always inspiring, fashionable books make for delightful Christmas gifts – especially for those passionate readers that live and breath fashion. Indulging in a sensual visual experience and engaging in the iconic work of some of the most influential photographers of the past decades, come as a must when the book carries a personality of its…

Fashion and Israel: thoughts and a photo diary. Part 1

Fashion is about more than just the cut of cloth. It's something that's alive, something that's just as much about clothing as it is about how we feel and what do we when we wear it. Thus to understand fashion can be to understand cultures and subcultures; great designers fuse their cultural outlook into their creations, those with a great sense of style dress for the destination. Fashion has given us all an understanding of the cultures of Milan and Paris. But what of the places that don't feature so dominantly on the fashion map? In the first part of a series, heads to Israel to take in its cities, its people and its clothing.

Burn notice: 6 luxury candles for your bachelor pad

Are any of your rooms feeling a little sad and smelling kinda stale? Trying lighting up a candle to brighten things up. They’re an inexpensive and effective way to add warmth and a sophisticated ambience to any living space – a sure fire way to impress any visitor. Rather than the cloyingly perfumed ones you’ll find a packet of six, well made candles provide a…

Designer ice cream? No, it’s love on a stick.

I have never tasted a Bardot ice cream. But stumbling across images of their product was one of those rare occasions when food wins you over well before your tastebuds are even aware that it exists. Bardot, a brand with several outlets in California, pitches that they don’t sell ice cream bars. “We sell Love. On a stick.”