Alberta Ferretti PF ’14 look book

It takes one glance at Alberta Ferretti’s pre-autumn / fall 2014 collection to understand that romance is not dead. In fact, it is gloriously alive and made modern due to the Italian designer seeking inspiration in Josef Hoflehner’s vivid shots of the enigmatic ocean and the night sky. The influence of the Icelandic scenery was particularly visible in rich, duchess jacquards that ended up gifting the collection with a poetic beauty.

Aside from the romance veiling the collection’s dramatic second half, Alberta Ferretti also made a distinctive case out of reimagining denim for fall. Her renditions came baring all signs of femininity despite the masculine cut, with heavy metallic embroidery and pliant black wool crossing, updating the style in the back.

The segment closing the collection was all about leaving the masculine influence behind and embracing Ferretti’s love for extraordinary instead, with gorgeous gowns meant to be walking the red carpet.

You can see all of the Alberta Ferretti pre-autumn / fall 2014 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.