Camilla Tales of a Reading Room look book

Within the multicoloured walls of the reading room, lie gold dust memories of travels far and wide. Camilla Frank’s look book for spring 2013 is a vibrant catalogue of ornate ready-to-wear, jewellery and homewares. Upon flicking through for the first time, I couldn’t help but think of the Mughal Empire and the Maha Rani’s of the time. Doused in richness and history, gem stones drip off the Queens like honey off a teaspoon.

The royal theme of this look book is made up off a few factors, the obvious ones like embroidered blazers in bold colours, the elegant pearls and gems, and the little things like gold leaf, embroidered gloves, with brooch details. Printed jumpsuits, trousers, tops, cushions, scarves and skirts, all paying homage to travels of the globe. The traditional ring through the septum and tightly tied up hair are all amalgamations of traditions observed on Camilla’s travels. It is then no surprise that Camilla is the Queen of all things beautiful.

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