Daniela-Stephanie A/W ’14 look book

If your eyes got filled with wonder and your imagination traveled away to a fantasy land after witnessing Daniela-Stephanie’s breathtaking autumn / winter 2014 collection, you can blame the mesmerizing effect on the Emerald City from the classic The Wizard of Oz – which served as inspiration for the stunning string of designs imagined for the upcoming season. Of course, there’s also the Australian designer’s sophisticated take on classic silhouettes, which she reinvented with dramatic edge, to be applauded and fully appreciated.

Every moment in between day and night got infused with a heavy dose of exquisite femininity, best represented by gorgeous sheer fabrics ethereally layered on bare skin, handcrafted beading and intricate embroideries that added a sense of richness to the otherwise lightweight materials, and a dramatic palette of colours to finally tie in the fantasy.

You can see all of the Daniela-Stephanie autumn (fall) / winter 2014 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.