Dora Abodi: innovation + refined design = fashionable perfection

There are those who simply understand fashion, they understand what it can represent to each individual wearer, they understand how to create looks that are individualistic but not taken beyond the realms of “wearable”. They understand that to be someone who belongs to the world of fashion they have to work and create beyond the confinements of conventional design and give their own specialty edge to their designs. And so it is with designer Dora Abodi.

This Milan based designer has come to the forefront of fashion with ideas and outfits that will convert even the most skeptical of clothing wearers. The entire autumn / winter 2013 collection carries an elegance and sophistication that suits a woman of these same notions: coats of cashmere, boots of leather, dresses with definitive detail.

Abodi has an extraordinary ability to blend out-of-the-box innovation with everyday wearability; items can be worn individually or combined within the full collection – with a feeling for pattern, print and material Abodi has generated numerous pieces to satisfy an eclectic and refined pallet. The spectrum of colour within the collection is rich and full; deep reds and golden yellows, strong coppers and rich blues.

The accessories within the piece certainly add a completely unique touch to any outfit – whether within the context of this collection or not. Abodi has focused on the rustic colours of copper, silver and bronze, as well as creating interesting and entirely distinctive patterned prints as compliments. Note the delicate imprints of unicorns, skulls, ribbons and stars: there is nothing conventional about this fashion collection.

Abodi has an eye for what works; colours that combine with fluid compatibility, patterns that suit one another as much as they suit plain leather, and style that breaks away from what the conformist would deem suitable into the world of elegance, style and sheer resonance.

You can see all of the Dora Abodi autumn (fall) / winter 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

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