Eliza Kukawska for Malgorzata Dudek ‘Arachne’ look book.

Garments that seem to carry a life of their own, gowns that easily surpass the limits of creativity, details that appear to be cut out from the darkest of fantasies. Malgorzata Dudek’s “Arachne” look book bears the bold, the beautiful and the extraordinary in a concept able to translate the creative genius into tangible works of art. Powerful and otherworldly, the line-up sees the dark couture feed upon limitless structure.

Inspired both by the myth of Arachne and a 1960s NASA experiment where spiders were fed drugs, the “Arachne” collection comes to sight as seeking to reach the impossible. Breathtaking hourglass silhouettes and flower-like ruffles caught in structural nettings, black bodices and exquisite laser cut-outs appeared effortless in recreating the intricacy of spider webs.

Using recycled and cruelty-free materials for her fascinating designs, Malgorzata Dudek is committed to push the fashion boundaries, allowing her vision to shine through in all of its sublimity.

You can see all of the Malgorzata Dudek Arachne collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

Visit the Malgorzata Dudek website at www.malgorzatadudek.com.

Photographed by Krzysztof Alterman Wyzynski
Styling by Magdalena Marciniak
Make-up Artist by Polly Mann
Hair by Fiona Chaffey
Nails by Stephanie Staunton