Dresses that eminate a raw sensuality: Jessica Choay S/S ’14

Impossibly elegant and devastatingly beautiful, designer Jessica Choay creates a spring / summer 2014 collection that not only exudes a sense of natural femininity that would bring a sense of envy to even the most delicate of women, but also emanates a raw sexuality as only a woman can wear it.

Simply put, if you are looking for the dress-up attire that will easily and casually blow people away you have found yourself at the right stop.

Choay thrives in designing and creating individual outfits that are so complete and full in their own right that they need very little, if anything, added to them to make the look complete. These are statement pieces. Jessica Choay likes to work with silk, chiffon and lace, either in shifting panels, or solid formations that sit lightly upon the skin. And if an ankle length dress with thigh high slits wasn’t enough to set the imagination on fire then her mini dress creations with equally high slits certainly will.

A black floor length dress, aptly named The Jealousy dress, is nothing short of pure and classic elegance, and while the shorter little black dresses (like The Deseo) provides a more playful sense of femininity, it too is as tasteful and chic. Each piece is given its own self of life through the material used and the sleek design of the dress itself; The Nostalgia lace dress is yet another perfect example of the beauty that simplicity and palpability can create.

The philosophy behind this collection, and indeed any collection done by Jessica Choay is one of pure, silken beauty. In order to shop for any item from the Jessica Choay collection go to http://www.jessicachoay.com.

You can see all of the Jessica Choay spring / summer 2014 collection by clicking on the gallery.