Karla Spetic swim: mermaidian grace & virtue

The season of swimwear is calling for something that exudes femininity and brushes along the playful lines of sexual and soft, flirty and fun. Australian designer, Karla Spetic perfectly meets these notions with her spring / summer 2013 Crystal Visions summer swimwear collection.

With different designs in both full pieces and bikinis each look indicates towards the sensuality of the female form through shape and colour. Gemstone and crystal shades of citrus, heliotrope, fluorite, cadmium yellow radiate from the designs, some with thick black or white edging, others just blending the colours directly into the skin.

Photographer Rene Vaile captures the cozies’ smooth lines and adds elements of innocence and mermaidian grace with bright lightening and simple postures. The swimwear accessories – long fluid dresses or loose fitting jumpsuits – continue with the theme of simple pleasure and feminine flow.

Spetic ensures that the summer feeling of ease and beauty is felt naturally with fitting and flattering swimwear, enshrined with earthly inspired prints and colours. With variation and dissimilar styling Spetic permits all female forms to find their perfect covering and fit, allowing the collection to meet female needs from beginning to end.

You can see all of the Karla Spetic’s spring / summer 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

Photograpgy by Rene Vaile @ renevaile.com
Stylist: Tavlin Moline
Talent: Emily Smith @ Chadwicks
Hair: Danae Selwood @ Headcase Hair for Redken 5th Ave NYC
Make-up Arist: Anna Papadopoulos @ Napolean Perdis
Shoes: Soludos Espadrilles @ <a href="//www.soludos.com