Katie Ermilio spring 2013: complex woman represented in sweet simplicity

New York designer Katie Ermilio has the distinct characteristic of creating collections that somehow seem to satisfy both the requirements of feminine sophistication and flirty fun. This ‘femininity’ inspired spring / summer 2013 collection reflects the playful and flirtatious nature that resides within each woman, while still portraying the grace and poise that one would behold in a modern, self-respecting woman.

Ermilio uses the colours of black, white, sunny yellow and bright red; again creating a spectacular reflection of the all the inner personalities that can lie within the depths of every woman: from the shy, pigeon-toed girl in yellow to the seductive vamp laced from head to toe in red. The vintage use of black and white stripes and patterns takes us back to the days of the retro girl, where Ermilio uses a mix and match technique from the top of the outfit all the way down to the hem. This creates interest and variation, and leads you away from any notions of a uniform style outfit.

In short, this is a simply gorgeous collection of spring wear, although seemingly simple it is actually a deceptibly complex collection of contrasting styles, attitudes and tones all coming together in perfect symbiosis.

You can see all of the Katie Ermilio spring / summer 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

Visit the Katie Ermilio website at katieermilio.com.