Stepping in the danger zone: KS Paris lingerie

In order to take the lingerie market by storm, one must come up with something extraordinary these days and apparently KS Paris stumbled across a recipe for success, managing to cause quite a controversy with their bold and utterly seductive debut collection. Luxurious and above all sensual, the French brand’s look book pushes the sex-appeal boundaries to an entirely different level, resembling more of a highly dangerous affair with lace, silk and leather. Who ever said naughty can’t look sophisticated?

Of course, exploring the Japanese manga eroticism will automatically translate to something beyond and above the average limits of sexiness, but just in case nice doesn’t cut it anymore, there are plenty of other alternatives just waiting to bring heat to a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration. Split into four different themes, the French lingerie carrying a very distinct Japanese flavor, is ready to seduce and conquer.

Either pure white and innocent looking, or all-black and playing upon fantasy and allurement, the intricate lingerie pieces are a clear sign that the art of seduction needs some stepping out of the comfort zone. After all that is where the real fun begins. Leaving something for the imagination? Not a likely scenario.

You can see all of the KS Paris 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

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