Liam Fahy shoes: all aboard the Midnight Train

It’s no wonder the golden age of travel is such a constant spring of inspiration for all things fashion related. The idea of railway cars taking passengers to exciting and exotic locales, and doing so in style; of a new world opening up full of tales not yet told and sights not yet seen; of luxurious leather cases and silk scarves and the click of high heels on platform tiles.

For his autumn / winter 2013 shoe collection Liam Fahy was inspired by just those things. Swirled in to form a more eclectic mix of influences are images of 1960s vinyl umbrellas and 19th century Parisian ornate iron-work. The results are part modern part classic, part beauty part function; for the adventurer, ankle boots with bold metal eyelets and tight lacings or wedges with exotic animal spots, flat ladies’ slippers and oxfords embroidered in black and white; and for the glamorous night hours, high heels in elegant classic shapes that tie around the ankle with ribbons or gloss the feet in black patent leather.

If you’re looking for a mix of the elegant and the exotic, the poised and the adventurous, then these are the shoes you should be slipping on – right before you board the midnight train.

You can see all of the Liam Fahy Midnight Train collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

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