Lover Nocturnal look book: sleepless dreaming

This Lover autumn / winter 2013 collection plays with gothic undertones of sexuality and a loss of innocence for the modern woman. Lover is known for their edgy style that simultaneously manages to harness the notions of virtue and devilish femininity in a single collection.

Note the grim colour palette of blacks, greys, fuschias and then splashes of blood red. Every piece has a sophisticated tone to it, creating items that the contemporary and working woman could wear. However each piece does not forget about the gothic inclinations of leather or lace, stylishly ensuring that the look is not complete without it.

The aptly named Nocturnal collection revels in a woman after dark; in the items that define her sexuality and accentuate the slender female form. A reoccurring presence of laser cut edges into the leather creates an interlinking contrast with the other all-lace pieces. Lean pants feature throughout the collection (continuing the notion of the modern woman), either high-waisted, low slung or wide-legged renditions of the design. Delicate and beautiful lace or floral sophisticated shirts pair with each.

Contrasting with the ideals of a lost innocence there are also those pieces which speak only of a presence of purity – lace midi dresses and soft warm knits impress upon the softer side of the female entity.

This is wearable (and more than agreeable) fashion collection that allows every day woman to use fashion to it’s fullest and create a form of visual statement.

You can see all of the Lover autumn (fall) / winter 2013 Nocturnal collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

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