Ludique lingerie spring 2013

Just like every other domain that requires originality, a touch of whims and the perfect fantasy accents in order to really stand out and excite, the lingerie industry is really pushing the boundaries of creativity these days. By seeking inspiration in a distant past, Ludique’s spring / summer 2013 collection found the perfect recipe that mixes mystery with allurement, all while celebrating the muse captured in every woman.

Madame Pogany, seen as a modern reflection of the courtesan portrait, is the concept that shaped Ludique’s most recent lingerie collection. The bold and seductive display is envisioned as to encourage  women to embrace and cherish their femininity. Built along the lines of daring yet sophisticated silhouettes, the versatile pieces play upon sheer tulle, delicate silk lace and smooth velvet highlights.

With Delia Tudose as Madame Pogany, lensed by Vali Barbulescu and featuring make-up by Stella Badea, Ludique’s look book is both graceful and captivating, putting a strong emphasis on pieces of lingerie that encourage the concept of underwear worn as outerwear.

You can see all of the Ludique spring / summer 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

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