Macgraw: sisters are doing it for themselves

On Princes Street, Soho, NYC, in a tiny studio apartment, a label like no other was born; Macgraw. Beth and Tessa Macgraw are the brain duo behind this eclectic and chic brand, which offers you not only ready-to-wear, but RTW with a little joozsh to it. With their first collection, titled Wallflower, the sisters moved back to Sydney where the real magic was about to start.

Now with their autumn / winter 2013 range ‘Press for Champagne’ hitting stores soon, we had to beg for inspiration secrets! The name itself had us intrigued; Tessa recently made a trip to London where she visited some of the cities most hedonistic clubs, of which one actually had a button you’d press for champagne, and there it’d be moments later. The vibe of the nightlife and the elegance of the city led to this beautiful, modern-day Breakfast at Tiffany’s story.

Opulent and luxurious fabrics encapsulate feminine silhouettes, which have every woman’s wardrobe screaming for more. You have the classic tailored suit with flared trousers in a monochrome bird print. A sequin shift dress with a scooped back, you have the statement jacket in metallic champagne, and skater dresses in metallic lurex, and if you thought the list ended there, then you’re very mistaken. The fashion geniuses have done outerwear in cape style shapes, to knock the socks off a modern, Little Metallic Riding Hood! Beth and Tessa both desired a colour palette that revolved around champagne with black, white and pale blue to contrast. When asked about inspiration and where they find it, the girls said they literally have epiphanies in the oddest of places, for example they’ve found inspiration in a workman’s vest or petroleum residue because of the colours and textures. We see what you’re doing there Macgraw, and we like it!

Music can also be inspiring when designing so we asked what was playing in their studio. Erykah Badu, Haim and Stevie Nicks are the favourites when creating masterpieces, but for concentration the girls recommend Café Del Mar. When interviewing the design duo, aka geniuses, we are always intrigued into more than their work; we want to know who they are, so to round off the lovely chat, we decided to pick their brains. When asked about career choices, if fashion hadn’t been the plan, Tessa would’ve been a florist and Beth a travelling photojournalist. Even if it was an unimaginable answer, we asked if the sisters had had any fashion faux pas to which they replied “We’re both not so driven by trends so you never caught us outside in uggboots or anything like that… probably would need to head back to the 80’s – 90’s where scrunchies and hypercolour may have made an appearance… can’t we blame mum for that though??” And finally, the one question everyone always wants to know… Chocolate or Vanilla; both replied chocolate, and just like that we loved them a little bit more than before.

You can see all of the Macgraw autumn (fall) / winter 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

Model: Hannah Saul.