Empowering, dramatic, dark: Samurau by Marta Gorczyca

Every collection hides its own personal meaning, revealing its carefully encoded message little by little, through subtle details, a particular palette of colours, or a specific string of silhouettes. For Marta Gorczyca, “Samurau” came together like a fashionable manifesto, inspired by women and designed to encourage them to reveal their unique strengths through a relevant choice of outfits. Regardless of status, background or limitations, every woman should be perceived as a modern heroine; a conqueror.

Envisioned as a timeless line-up, the new collection might be all-black, but at a closer inspection one realizes how each garment is filled with substance, a story veiling every single one of its details. The use of leather stands for the woman’s increasing position in a world dominated by men; the delicate lace and jacquard reflect the woman’s innate gentleness, while the extended leather sleeves, the broad shoulders and the big collars bring to mind a warrior’s costume, all the more strength, all the more power.

Born out of an extreme desire to bring out the real meaning of beauty, but touched by a sense of drama, “Samurau” translates to a modern femininity, being both delicate and strong, sleek and dark, sophisticated and edgy.

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