Noon by Noor A/W ’13 look book

The mere fact that we’re all currently longing for summer, for hot sunny days and for a super light wardrobe, makes it kind of difficult to anticipate the fall season, to start thinking about what’s next in terms of trends, color palettes, warm layers. But with sharp, clean and easy lineups, much like Noon by Noor’s beautiful fall 2013 collection, sparking the inspiration comes as a natural step forward.

Influenced by Bahrain’s transient culture, Noon by Noor’s fall 2013 collection is dedicated to the woman on the go. Semi-formal, bold and bringing to mind the English boarding schools back in the 1960s, the garments are infused with ease, balancing the sometimes severe silhouettes and intricate patterns. Betting on comfort during the day, is at night when the real statements are being made.

Luxurious fabrics, prints inspired by optical art, referencing English painter Bridget Riley and a strong taste for sophistication helped define Noon by Noor’s unparalleled take on life spent on the road. Shades of green, purple, navy and red helped shape the portrait of the enigmatic woman who, come fall, will be seen traveling the world in wide legs pantsuits. You can see all of the Noon by Noor autumn (fall) / winter 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

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