OYE Swimwear spring 2013 look book

Once in a good while, a series of extraordinary and unexpected elements cross paths with the beach fashion resulting in an array of alluring and appealing beachwear that leaves women longing for more. More when it comes to quality, modern design and maybe even seductive edge, because honestly who doesn’t want to look fabulous in a scenery that has the sea as a backdrop and fine sand as the ground?

Open Your Eyes Swimwear took into consideration a woman’s confidence, style and elegance when they envisioned their spring 2013 collection, playing upon a different concept that features intricate details, classic hues and high quality fabrics. Offering a powerful alternative to the indistinctive swimwear and betting on the items’ high impact, OYE took a huge step forward, crossing borders and changing minds.

Styled with attitude and accompanied by a rock and roll glam, the OYE swimwear pieces can easily be worn as bodysuits, complementing the summer wardrobe with a refined edginess and subtle sex-appeal undertones. If confidence really strikes from within, leave it to OYE beachwear to match it on the outside.

View the OYE Swimwear spring / summer 2013 look book by clicking on the thumbnails on the left and browsing through the gallery