Savas handbags: minimalistic masterpieces

In a world awash with mediocrity, the perfect accessory makes the perfect statement. It is both at once purposeful and eye catching. It communicates style and taste but, most importantly, personality. Few statement accessories are crafted for everyone. For some, the perfect accessory is awash with embellishments. For others, it’s a minimalistic masterpiece.

Launched over drinks during Milan fashion week, Savas’ collection of autumn 2013 handbags sit firmly in the latter camp. Minimalistic, their easy shapes and strong hues do much to exude refinement without betraying the effort put into each one’s crafting. One should never appear as if they’re trying.

And then there’s the Caroline, the statement bag of MFW.

You could describe it as embellished, I’d lean towards whimsical. A leather bag within a metallic frame, it teases the visuals of a shopping basket while it is carried akin to petite, picnic hamper. The Caroline is neither, however. It’s a mix of Italian leather whose four zips sit under a gold, metallic handle. The black leather maintains the minimalistic proportions of any Savas design while the metallic frame, accented by gold screws and Savas’ trademark deer sculpture, is left to make the statement. And a statement it is.

You can find out more about Savas’ bags via [email protected], while you can see all of the Savas autumn / winter 2013 handbag look book by clicking on a thumbnail on the left.