Tettmann.Doust & the beauty of mathematics

Born just last year, Australian label Tettmann.Doust have already built a name and a recognisable signature aesthetic. Designers Naomi Tettmann and Elke Doust sum it up best: “Femininity meets androgyny, coloured signature prints juxtaposing clean neutral tones, and modern embellishments emphasising unique garment constructions, all inspired by the curiosity we have for the scientific and natural world around us.”

For anyone who shares that curiosity, Tettmann.Doust’s collections will stike a chord. But even if you don’t, the fiery colours and fractal prints of the autumn / winter 2013 collection will grab you for their sheer beauty. To find out more about the collection, we stole a few moments of the design duo’s time. You can read the interview after the break.

Your A/W13 collection was inspired by fractals. Is that evident just in the digital prints, or in other aspects of the garments?
Mathematics played such a leading role in every aspect of the collection. We didn’t limit this influence just to the prints. We like to think each piece mimics nature’s elaborate process of creation – which can be broken down mathematically.

How important is technology in the design and construction of your collections?
Technology plays a huge part in our designs and will continue to do so – it is because of this that we have been able to translate all of the things we learn into wearable art. We are constantly working through new ways of both designing and creating our pieces – it ties back to our love of science. Having said this we also still employ many traditional ways of working, for example creating shapes on the mannequin and utilising traditional tailoring techniques in the finishings of our garments. We like the idea of applying these long-standing techniques to modern silhouettes.

What’s next for Tettmann.Doust?
We are still in slight recovery mode having shown as part of LMFF’s Independent runway last month, and also launching our new Spring Summer collection, Nova Sequence, which is a continuation of our fractal exploration. But in terms of the general future we are excited about collaborating with some local artists and hopefully expanding the line and moving into doing some new things such as bags and shoes.

Now there’s something to look forward to.

You can see all of the Tettmann.Doust autumn / winter 2013 collection by clicking on the thumbnails on the left.

Visit the Tettmann.Doust website at www.tettmanndoust.com.