Tryfonas Modestou Graduate look book

Extensive research stretching back to the acknowledgement of porn-chic as part of our popular culture is what lead designer Tryfonas Modestou to bring the romantic sensibility back under the spotlight with a collection that showcases timeless elegance in a manner that still feels delicate and respectable. Contrasting the sexual representation of femininity with more subtlety, the look book brims with hidden bits and sharp edges.

Seeking lost elements and betraying an inspiration born out of fragile and vulnerable femininity, Tryfonas Modestou mixes traditional patterns with his own prints in skirts with higher front hems, high-waisted trousers with side openings, silk jackets and shorts worn under crepe georgette vails. To those, the designer added silver zibeline corsets, lace bodices, back and side printed panels.

Inspired by the powerful woman hiding a delicate side and envisioned as to dress her body to solemnly promote its beauty and power, the collection puts a new perspective on femininity.

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Photography by Danny Baldwin
Designer: Tryfonas Modestou
Hair & Make-up Artist: Pace Chen
Model: Michaela Ireland Leni’s Model Management