Vincent: airy, poetic, poised for fall

This Vincent fall / winter 2013 lookbook reveals a collection inspired by every avenue of life and colour. The diverse use of material and the muted and bright colours that adorn these alternating fabrics create a wonderful balance between classic sophistication and deeply innovative apparel.

Each piece has a distinctly elegant look to it, adorned with the air of sophistication and tasteful beauty Vincent creates an overall image that appeals to the chic side of life. Metallics, reflective light material and iridescent colours build an unusual glassy surface that adds another dimension to the apparel itself and the way in which it moves and glides with the body.

Art direction, by Vincenzo Billeci, and photography, captured by Vito Faugiana, both move in the direction of clean and crisp lines; articulated focus on the model (Pavlina Eneva) and the apparel she adorns. Dresses with suggestive slits down the side allow the mind to wonder while the overall look is still perfectly poised. Jumpers have digital print on the front give a mood that reflects the lights of the cartoon festivals: sparkling and colourful. The feeling is light, airy, free of intensity and open to causal conversation (which is in almost in contrast to the rest of the collection).

Skirts made of Pizzi have a thickness to them, a heaviness that draws the eye down along the female form. Colouring of pale mint green underline garments to give the looks a lift and life. The entire collection has a distinct movement to it – the alternating materials have a fluidity to them that cuts through the air with a definitive silkiness.

Hair and make-up of the look book, done by Marika Bongiardino, fits in with perfect synchronisation with the rest of the shoot: smooth, elegant and clean finishes. There is an ever-riding presence of the rose symbol throughout the collection. This silver-embossed charm, from the ancient Palermo silversmiths, is inspired from the popular culture of thanksgiving and the cult of Santa Roalia.

This shoot inspires and moves; it is a truly all-encompassing look book that appeals to a modern and beautiful sense of style. With a multitude of colours in green mint and ice, pink, silver grey, steel and bronze, white light and deep black, working with the geometric lines running straight down and the easy fluidity of softer cotton. The collection moves the eyes and inspires the mind to dress with style and difference, reflecting the dynamic and poetic fragility of a rainbow.

You can see all of the Vincent autumn (fall) / winter 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.
Art Direction: Vincenzo Billeci
Photography by Vito Faugiana
Image Consultant: Antonio Schimera
Model: Pavlina Eneva @ Urban Management
Hair & Make-up Artist: Marika Bongiardino
With Special thanks to Giuseppe Taormina

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