Wildfox Daisy’s Girls A/W ’13 look book

It’s not such a leap from Romeo & Juliet to The Great Gatsby – if your somewhat flimsy yet undeniable link is that Baz Luhrmann has done a remake of both. So with Wildfox having previously honoured the former with a collection, it’s not that surprising to see the label churn out a culturally relevant and fun vision of the latter, replete with cloche hats, feather boas and slogan tees (“Party All The Time”, “Gatsby Stole My Heart” and “I made it through prohibition and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” amoung them).

Wildfox have a way of turning anything – even 1920s fashion – into a modern, playful and wearable offering. Dominated by slouchy cottons along with the odd knit or burst of sequins, this one stays youthful and accessible, even turning out a clever literal interpretation of the phrase the cat’s pyjamas.

If you’re looking for a way to get on the roaring twenties revival bandwagon without actually reviving much bar for the spirit of the era, it’s Wildfox you’re after.

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Photography by Mark Hunter & Stephen Meirs
Production and Photo editting: Kimberley Gordon
Make-up Artist: Carlene K
Hair:Tyron Dupre & Anna Lee Fiorino
Styling: Kimberley Gordon, Meredith Leyerzaph, Emily Siegel & Janell Shirtcliff

WILDFOX TEAM: Aurora Rivera & Megan Feely

Visit the WildFox website at www.wildfoxcouture.com