Wildfox summer 2014: Royal Romance

It strikes me that photographing a Wildfox lookbook must be a damn fun thing to do with your time. It’s like the models get told to just rollick around in the midst of some lavish tea party/beach house soiree/picnic or whatever else, while photographer Mark Hunter chronicals it all in beautiful, light-drenched imagery.

And so, designer Kimberley Gordon’s heartfelt musings about romance aside, summer 2014 is filled with playful, youthful imagery that makes you want to go fling yourself on a freshly-mowed, wealthy green lawn. Possibly while wearing a flower garland or a t-shirt that declares “COULDN’T BE HAPPIER” in fuck-you capitals, as if an unspoken SO THERE should be appended at all times.

To make matters more fantastical there’s also quotes, poems and picnic shopping lists strewn through. Gorden calls the collection “a love letter to [her] imagination”. It’s about her realising that love is not the stuff of fairytales, and clinging to the fairytales anyway. For her brand, at least.

The look book – titled “Royal Romance” – features (aptly named) model Queeny Van der Zande alongside Camilla Christensen and young Dacoda.

You can see all of the Wildfox summer 2014 collection by clicking on the thumbnails.

Wildfox ‘Royal Romance’ Summer 2014
Models: Queeny Van der Zande, Camilla Christensen, and Dacoda
Photos: Mark Hunter & Kimberley Gordon
Makeup: Carlene K
Hair: Anna Lee Fiorino