Everyone knows advertising fuels the fashion industry these days. In a world with no money and high demands, making fashion look irresistible in an ad is the perfect way to draw the pennies from the pocket.

Not satisfied with the usual campaign platforms – magazines, billboards, TV – Alexander Wang is making a move to new mediums: New York walls.

Using strategically placed vans and vacant building walls, Wang’s fall 2011 campaign video was projected across Manhattan for a limited few hours on even fewer days. A fashion-hub, a lot of busy streets and a lot of people looking for the next best thing, we just hope they’ve found it, for the locations of the projection screenings weren’t officially confirmed. Using a treasure hunt type concept, and relying on word-of-mouth through the realms of Twitter, the vans were primarily located in Soho, Meatpacking and Union Square districts, but travelled the city through the course of the night, giving only those who looked up at the right time in the right place chance to spy the campaign. Starting at 9pm and on repeat until 3, the campaign video made its debut to the lucky few who saw it. For the rest of the world, the video was released on his webpage in the following few days.

alexander wang raquel zimmermann

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Raquel Zimmermann: Alexander Wang A/W '11
Raquel Zimmermann: Alexander Wang A/W '11
Raquel Zimmermann: Alexander Wang A/W '11
Raquel Zimmermann: Alexander Wang A/W '11

Satisfying the brands raw aesthetics, the concept compliments the collection perfectly. Bare open spaces, threatening dark nights and the video itself presenting a dark and abandoned scene, the grittiness of Wang’s contemporary label was echoed exactly. Featuring a sodden Raquel Zimmermann, she poses, dances, and thrashes through eerily empty alleyways, donning Wang’s latest collection of leather, silk, denim and fur. (All black, of course.)

alexander wang projection
Image via Emerging Designer.

Embracing the world of social media, Wang tweeted, re-tweeted and posted sneak-peak photos of the projections, giving the rest of the world an insight to the ‘event’ that was. The video is now available to view on the internet, so for those of you non-New Yorkers, or perhaps just inopportune New Yorkers, hit the play button below to view it in full.

Looking for innovation in a world where everything has already been done is difficult, but it seems Wang has hit the nail on the head with this concept, which is gaining him respect from critics. Though unconfirmed and little suggestion of it happening, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it makes its way to other cities. Our eyes are peeled and necks are craned.

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