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Recently a question was posed to me by way of my men’s hair trends guide: “I’m balding .. my only option is shaving my head… but how can i make myself look trendy?” A potentially difficult time for in a gents’ life, yes. Impossible to overcome, no. Take this chap’s look for instance: trim and preppy, and all sans hair. So, to paraphrase what I said at the time, clothes maketh the man so, if needs must, shave your head gents and find a style that compliments or compensates.

preppy bow tie

And it has to be said: this look is by no means perfect to my eye. I feel the white jeans / trousers could have done with being slimmer on the thigh to compliment the trim cut of the navy blazer. I’d also have left the Louis Vuitton folio at home: the non-complimentary colours take the focus away from the sharp dressing.

This particular look was snapped on the streets of London by Wayne Tippets.

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