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If you’ve seen 1978′s Grease then the odds are that you’re more than familiar with Frankie Avalon’s song of the same name. In it Avalon, as guardian angel, opines the future of Frenchy; a high-school drop out with dreams of becoming a beautician. Frenchy is sadly “a teenage ne’er-do-well”; not much of a student and even less of a beautician. While it’s right there in the script, her lack of talent in her chosen beauty field is highlighted on screen by the fact that Frenchy has inadvertently died her hair a brighther shade of pink.

Your hair looks like an Easter egg.

Well, I had a little trouble in tinting class.

This is all set in the late 1950s, where pink hairstyles were not the mainstream. Fast forward some 55 years and 50s fashion is back and Frenchy has been proved as being well ahead of the trend curve.

pink hair

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Beauty School Dropout by Michael David Adams
Beauty School Dropout by Michael David Adams
Beauty School Dropout by Michael David Adams
Beauty School Dropout by Michael David Adams
Beauty School Dropout by Michael David Adams
Beauty School Dropout by Michael David Adams

Depending on the city in which you live, it’s now near on impossible to go a day without seeing pink hair somewhere on the streets. It’s staining hair ends courtesy of Kevin Murphy’s Colour Bugs and, inspired by the likes of Charlotte Free and Katy Perry, it’s saturating whole hairstyles.

It’s these bold colours that resonate throughout Michael David AdamsBeauty School Dropout photo shoot. Pink hair opens, purple and blue follow, and equally as bold colours compliment through the make up (you can find an interpretation and tutorial for the yellow eyeshadow at that link). It’s not quite the 1950s, but then neither is the trend revival itself: it all still has a classic air, yet it’s bolder, more modern, and far more left of centre.

Frenchy, the “most mixed up non-delinquent on the block”, would approve.

You can see all of Michael David Adams’s Beauty School Dropout photo shoot by clicking on the thumbnails above.

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