Breaking the etiquette

What advice did your mother give you when you were a kid?

Apart from the infamous “don’t speak to strangers,” believe it or not, we all got a fashion etiquette rulebook as kids. Who knew?

Don’t hunch your back, always keep your knees together and never let the bottom of the dress touch the floor in public. Nostalgia attack, anyone?

An analogous scene has been reinterpreted and captured by Mohamed Gaff, taking advantage of a restaurant’s out-of-business status. Rattled tables, turned over bar stools and a shady kitchen area, the place stands against each of the aforementioned rules. Especially when an unaccompanied woman clad in her finest lacy threads is in the vicinity. The turquoise wall creates an adept backdrop for the champagne and black dresses while eerie shadows bounce back and divert the attention to the woman’s glistening skin. The sequined hooded dress isn’t fuelling to the act of masking her appearance. Perhaps, that isn’t her goal?

bonnie strange burn my shadow

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Bonnie Strange: Moga October '11
Bonnie Strange: Moga October '11
Bonnie Strange: Moga October '11
Bonnie Strange: Moga October '11
Bonnie Strange: Moga October '11
Bonnie Strange: Moga October '11

She’s slouching, resting against rusty doors, sitting atop table and isn’t repentant while steering away from rules. Isn’t that what fashion editorials are about, though?

Click on the thumbnails above to peruse the editorial starring Bonnie Strange as featured in the latest issue of Moga magazine.

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